Better light, delivered intelligently and simply.

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More than lighting. Vision.

Lighting is crucial. So is business intel. With Power over Ethernet (PoE), SmartCast®; Technology can now connect the two to make IoT your reality.

Read how: LED Lighting, PoE & IoT

A business case for better, more intelligent light.


Industry-Leading Warranty.

Cree SmartCast® Technology now has a 10-year warranty – double that of our competition; double the reliability.


Simple Set-up and Use.

At set-up and during operation, the system works simply, transparently, and without hassle.


Scalable Intelligence.

Easily scale your intelligent lighting strategy from essential control to whatever loT brings next.


Environmental Awareness.

SmartCast Technology learns and adapts to people and spaces, tailoring experiences for more comfort and productivity.


Big Savings.

Intelligent light strategies such as Daylight Harvesting and Task Tuning all combine for up to 70% energy savings.


Continual Learning.

Learning starts and never stops for continual improvement.


Secure, Reliable Data.

With SmartCast PoE, business and energy data flow reliably and securely across your network.

Building automation experts know expert building automation when they see it.

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SmartCast® PoE: The big picture. Really, really big.


Big data, Meet Big Savings.

Meet SmartCast® Manager: Your gateway to an open, scalable intelligent light system with easy‑to‑use dashboards for instant control and analytics.

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Makes Managing light Work.

Easily configure and commission networks. Balance colour by room. Automate on/off. Monitor product lifetimes. Track savings. Update software. All from the comfort of your laptop or tablet.


From Real-Time Data, Real-Time Productivity

Tailor individual workspaces for brighness and colour, schedule rooms, improve traffic patterns, spot security issues, all from a single interface.


Increase Consumption. (Of Information Only)

Decrease energy consumption while increasing productivity. Put sunlight to work (it's free). Shift power loads in team time. Better light helps you look good any time of the day.


Light Up The Cloud.

An open, standards-based interface that makes it simple to integrate with 3rd party applications? It's Smartcast® API and you'll love it. It's intgration at first sight. Check out the back-story on how it works.

Smartcast® API FAQ

What Smartcast® Technology saves you: a comparison

Savings Worksheet

Sophisticated technology, simply explained.